Individual Therapy

Individual therapy consists of one-on-one sessions with Dr. Doupe. Appointments may be scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or as requested basis. When you first begin therapy, it is advisable to schedule your appointments on a weekly basis.

Success in therapy has been found to consist of four general factors (Hubble, Duncan, & Miller, 1999; Prescott &Levenson, 2009) and six specific elements (McHugh &Slaveny, 1998).

The four general factors are:

  • Commitment from the patient (40%)
  • The therapeutic alliance (30%)
  • The type of therapy (15%)
  • Hope and expectation (15%)

The six specific elements are:

  • Element 1. Patient Commitment
  • Element 2. Coordination with the Justice System
  • Element 3. Coordination with Family Doctor. Medication may be required.
  • Element 4. Counseling and Therapy. The focus of individual work will be to teach you the tools and skills of managing safe behaviors. Group therapy is considered to be a critical part of the change process, enabling you to practice what you have learnt.
  • Element 5. Relapse Prevention Planning. Support in monitoring your moods and behaviors: working with you to develop and implement your Relapse Prevention Plan for the immediate and long term.
  • Element 6. Good Lives Model: Life Skills and Future Planning. Restructuring your life and supporting you as you create a new path for your life.

As part of individual therapy, you will be asked to read the required books, complete the Binder exercises, and engage with the program.

PWR encourages patients to include their families in their therapy as family support has been identified as a key to success. We have found that families are often secondary victims and experience many emotions as a result.

For a complete list of all the activities and exercises you will be working on, take a look at the Table of Contents for the Binder.

As part of PWR’s program for High Risk Behaviors, you will be required to participate in a comprehensive intake assessment. For more information, see Book an Appointment

Please note that PWR’s intake assessment is separate from a forensic assessment that is conducted by a forensic psychiatrist or psychologist. PWR’s assessment is for the purpose of treatment and directing an appropriate course of therapy.

To schedule a consultation, please contact PWR’s Mental Health Worker Ms. Benita Joy by phone at 416 894 1502 or by email at


Dr. Doupe’s service is not a replacement for your family physician. To maximize the positive outcomes, Dr. Doupe works in conjunction with your family physician and anyone you identify as being part of your support team. We are not an emergency service. If you have a psychological or physical emergency, please call the distress help line (416 408-HELP) or go to the nearest emergency.

Program Goals

  • Preventing high risk behaviors & keeping you and the community safe
  • Reducing symptoms
  • Promoting well-being
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