Group Therapy

PWR offers a number of group programs that vary in style and content.


This group runs in two streams, both for males. The first is for Sexual Behaviors. The second is for Impulsive Behaviors. The group runs for ten weeks and is focused on providing a supportive milieu in which the members learn about themselves, build on their strengths, and learn tools and skills to build resilience. As part of the program, members read several books including The Whole Brain Child by Dr. Daniel Siegel, and will work to develop an integrated brain by:

  • Connecting the right and left brain
  • Integrating the first, second, and third brains
  • Integrating brain function
  • Connecting to the community

A certificate is issued at the end of the program which may be presented to your lawyer, in court, to probation/parole, etc.


One of the causes of offending behavior is the loss of a meaningful relationship with your partner. An appreciation of each other’s experience needs to be facilitated and new ways of relating need to be introduced.


This is an open-ended group that is based on patients' needs and the principles. It provides support and practical advice for clients who are transitioning in or out of the correctional system. A pre-requisite for attending Moving Forward is to have successfully completed Understanding and Strengthening Yourself.

Program Goals

  • Preventing high risk behaviors & keeping you and the community safe
  • Reducing symptoms
  • Promoting well-being
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