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When you first begin treatment, you will have three intake and assessment sessions with Benita Joy. They are arranged as follows:

1. The initial consultation will be 60 minutes in length. You are required to bring your Ontario Health Card, a copy of your charges (i.e. bail papers, probation/parole conditions, court order, etc.), and any previous forensic assessments or relevant medical information.

2. The second intake appointment will be 2 hours in length and will consist of a personal interview.

3. The third intake session will be 3 hours in length and will consist of various tests, screenings, and assessments.

The information gathered during the intake sessions are then reviewed by Dr. Doupe and used to determine the best course of treatment.

You will continue to schedule and attend your appointments with Dr. Doupe simultaneously.

All regular appointments will run for 50-60 minutes. You are required to arrive on time. For cancellations, please allow 24hrs notice.

Program Goals

  • Preventing high risk behaviors & keeping you and the community safe
  • Reducing symptoms
  • Promoting well-being
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