About Our Program

PWR’s Program for changing behaviors is developed with you in mind.

PWR focuses particularly on what we call High Risk Behaviors. We specialize in addressing the health needs of individuals who have been charged and are going through their legal process.

A High Risk Behavior is any behavior that gets you in trouble with the law. Examples of high risk behaviors that PWR can address include driving while intoxicated, fraud, gambling, viewing child pornography, assault, luring, violence, harassment, impulsivity, addiction, sexual offending, etc.

If you are an individual who has recently been charged and is looking for help, our program may be for you. If you are a friend or family member who knows someone who may benefit from our brain-based approach for managing high risk behaviors, our program may be the answer. If you are a lawyer who has a client who has recently been charged for high risk behaviors, this may be the program you are seeking for your client. If you are a probation or parole officer looking for treatment for your client, we have over sixteen years of experience in partnering with the correctional system to optimize success and reduce recidivism.

The good news is that behaviors can be changed. PWR can teach you how to achieve the changes you want and support you towards your goals for health and balance.

The program integrates the most recent research in neuroscience with clinical therapy. These include breakthrough findings in neuroplasticity – the attribute that the brain can change, and thus, behaviors can change. Also included are: attachment theory, understanding the autonomic nervous system, mind body integration, understanding trauma, and abnormal functioning of the anatomical structure of the brain. Behaviors are never cured but they can be managed. 

Program Goals

  • Preventing high risk behaviors & keeping you and the community safe
  • Reducing symptoms
  • Promoting well-being
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